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The ScholarShip is a digital archive for the scholarly output of the ECU community. Its mission is to capture, preserve and make available the intellectual output of East Carolina University's faculty, staff, and students.

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Recently Added

  • Honorstudent, Jane (2014-02-19)
    There is just nothing like being an Honors College Student. Case study methodology was used to explore this experience in more detail. Interviews were conducted with current and former Honors College students.
  • Honorstudent, John (2014-02-19)
    A survey was developed to distribute to Honors College students at ECU. One hundred students responded. Life is good.
  • Hampton, Leana Morgan (2014-12)
    Purpose: To examine and explore the concept of maternal-infant attachment and to raise awareness of maternal-infant attachment through reading. Study Design and Methods: This study was a program evaluation composed of ...
  • McEarl, Amanda L. (2014-12)
    A leading cause of impairment in elderly individuals is sarcopenia, the progressive deterioration of muscle size and strength, which ultimately limits muscle functionality. The loss of muscular strength is directly correlated ...
  • Patel, Axita (2014-12)
    Background: Injuries among high school athletes are an important health concern as it could lead to serious issues later on in life such as chronic injuries, depression, anxiety or death. We hypothesize that contact male ...

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