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  • Hickory Shad (Alosa mediocris) Population Identification Using Geometric Morphometrics and Otolith Shape 

    Meyer, Steve Daniel (East Carolina University, 2019-08-05)
    Hickory Shad Alosa mediocris is an anadromous species of fish belonging to the Family Clupeidae, first described in 1814 by Samuel L. Mitchill. Little is known about its life history or stock status. It is unknown whether ...
  • Is type II diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) a surgical disease? 

    Pories, Walter J.; MacDonald, Kenneth G. Jr.; Flickinger, Edward G.; Dohm, G. Lynis; Sinha, Madhur K.; Barakat, Hisham A.; May, Harold J.; Khazanie, Prabhaker; Swanson, Melvin S.; Morgan, Elizabeth; Leggett-Frazier, Nancy; Long, Stuart D.; Brown, Brenda M.; O'Brien, Kevin; Caro, Jose F. (East Carolina University, 1992-06)
    Since February 1, 1980, 515 morbidly obese patients have undergone the Greenville gastric bypass (GGB) operation. Of these, 212 (41.2%) were euglycemic, 288 (55.9%) were either diabetic or had glucose intolerance, and ...