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    • Towards a Method for the Analysis of Experimental Music 

      Pfalz, Andrew (East Carolina University, 2014)
      This paper discusses the nature of experimental music, its reception, and suggests a method for its analysis. It gives a definition for this body of music and traces its historical development. A continuum is constructed ...
    • Ty Matson: Senior Recital, Trombone 

      Matson, Ty Christian (East Carolina University, 2018-05-24)
      This Senior Honors Project is entitled “Ty Matson: Senior Recital, Trombone.” The author of the project is Ty Matson. The Senior Honors Project was the preparation and performance of my senior trombone recital, with program ...
    • What Do Patrons Really Do in Music Libraries? An Ethnographic Approach to Improving Library Services 

      Hursh, David; Avenarius, Christine (2013-06-10)
      Improving services is what librarians are all about. Of course, doing that requires them to first determine what needs improving, a process that typically involves activities such as number-gathering (e.g., circulation ...