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  • Response of high-risk MDS to azacitidine and lenalidomide is impacted by baseline and acquired mutations in a cluster of three inositide-specific genes 

    Follo, Matilde Y.; Pellagatt, Andrea; Armstrong, Richard N.; Ratti, Stefano; Mongiorgi, Sara; Fanti, Sara De; Bochicchio, Maria Teresa; Russo, Domenico; Gobbi, Marco; Miglino, Maurizio; Parisi, Sarah; Martinelli, Giovanni; Cavo, Michele; Luiselli, Donata; McCubrey, James A.; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Manzoli, Lucia; Boultwood, Jacqueline; Finelli, Carlo; Cocco, Lucio (2019-02-20)
    Specific myeloid-related and inositide-specific gene mutations can be linked to myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) pathogenesis and therapy. Here, 44 higher-risk MDS patients were treated with azacitidine and lenalidomide and ...