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  • Aurora-A Mitotic Kinase Induces Endocrine Resistance through Down-Regulation of ERα Expression in Initially ERα+ Breast Cancer Cells 

    Opyrchal, Mateusz; Salisbury, Jeffrey L.; Zhang, Shuya; McCubrey, James A.; Hawse, John; Goetz, Matthew P.; Lomberk, Gwen A.; Haddad, Tufia; Degnim, Amy; Lange, Carol A.; Ingle, James N.; Galanis, Evanthia; D'Assoro, Antonino B. (2014)
    Development of endocrine resistance during tumor progression represents a major challenge in the management of estrogen receptor alpha (ERα) positive breast tumors and is an area under intense investigation. Although the ...
  • NOTCH3 Expression Is Linked to Breast Cancer Seeding and Distant Metastasis 

    Leontovich, Alexey A.; Jalalirad, Mohammad; Salisbury, Jeffrey L.; Mills, Lisa; Haddox, Candace; Schroeder, Mark; Tuma, Ann; Guicciardi, Maria E.; Zammataro, Luca; Gambino, Mario W.; Amato, Angela; Di Leonardo, Aldo; McCubrey, James; Lange, Carol A.; Liu, Minetta; Haddad, Tufia; Goetz, Matthew; Boughey, Judy; Sarkaria, Jann; Wang, Liewei; Ingle, James N.; Galanis, Evanthia; D’Assoro, Antonino B. (2018-09-04)
    Background: Development of distant metastases involves a complex multistep biological process termed the invasion-metastasis cascade, which includes dissemination of cancer cells from the primary tumor to secondary organs. ...