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    • Aurora-A Mitotic Kinase Induces Endocrine Resistance through Down-Regulation of ERα Expression in Initially ERα+ Breast Cancer Cells 

      Opyrchal, Mateusz; Salisbury, Jeffrey L.; Zhang, Shuya; McCubrey, James A.; Hawse, John; Goetz, Matthew P.; Lomberk, Gwen A.; Haddad, Tufia; Degnim, Amy; Lange, Carol A.; Ingle, James N.; Galanis, Evanthia; D'Assoro, Antonino B. (2014)
      Development of endocrine resistance during tumor progression represents a major challenge in the management of estrogen receptor alpha (ERα) positive breast tumors and is an area under intense investigation. Although the ...
    • Molecular targeting of the Aurora-A/SMAD5 oncogenic axis restores chemosensitivity in human breast cancer cells 

      Opyrchal, Mateusz; Gil, Malgorzata; Salisbury, Jeffrey L.; Goetz, Mathew P.; Suman, Vera; Degnim, Amy; McCubrey, James; Haddad, Tufia; Iankov, Ianko; Kurokawa, Chenye B.; Shumacher, Nicole; Ingle, James N.; Galanis, Evanthia; D’Assoro, Antonino B. (2017-09-01)
      Although the majority of breast cancers initially respond to the cytotoxic effects of chemotherapeutic agents, most breast cancer patients experience tumor relapse and ultimately die because of drug resistance. Breast ...
    • NOTCH3 Expression Is Linked to Breast Cancer Seeding and Distant Metastasis 

      Leontovich, Alexey A.; Jalalirad, Mohammad; Salisbury, Jeffrey L.; Mills, Lisa; Haddox, Candace; Schroeder, Mark; Tuma, Ann; Guicciardi, Maria E.; Zammataro, Luca; Gambino, Mario W.; Amato, Angela; Di Leonardo, Aldo; McCubrey, James; Lange, Carol A.; Liu, Minetta; Haddad, Tufia; Goetz, Matthew; Boughey, Judy; Sarkaria, Jann; Wang, Liewei; Ingle, James N.; Galanis, Evanthia; D’Assoro, Antonino B. (2018-09-04)
      Background: Development of distant metastases involves a complex multistep biological process termed the invasion-metastasis cascade, which includes dissemination of cancer cells from the primary tumor to secondary organs. ...