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    • Decarboxylative and dehydrative coupling of dienoic acids and pentadienyl alcohols to form 1,3,6,8-tetraenes 

      Abu Deiab, Ghina’a I.; Al-Huniti, Mohammed H.; Hyatt, I. F. Dempsey; Nagy, Emma E.; Gettys, Kristen E.; Sayed, Sommayah S.; Joliat, Christine M.; Daniel, Paige E.; Vummalaneni, Rupa M.; Morehead, Andrew T. Jr.; Sargent, Andrew L.; Croatt, Mitchell P. (2017-02-28)
      Dienoic acids and pentadienyl alcohols are coupled in a decarboxylative and dehydrative manner at ambient temperature using Pd(0) catalysis to generate 1,3,6,8-tetraenes. Contrary to related decarboxylative coupling ...