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    • Automatic quantitative analysis of morphology of apoptotic HL-60 cells 

      Liu, Yahui; Lin, Wang; Yang, Xu; Liang, Weizi; Zhang, Jun; Meng, Maobin; Rice, John R.; Sa, Yu; Feng, Yuanming (2014-01)
      Morphological identification is a widespread procedure to assess the presence of apoptosis by visual inspection of the morphological characteristics or the fluorescence images. The procedure is lengthy and results are ...
    • A new assessment model for tumor heterogeneity analysis with [18]F-FDG PET images 

      Wang, Ping; Xu, Wengui; Sun, Jian; Yang, Chengwen; Wang, Gang; Sa, Yu; Hu, Xin-Hua; Feng, Yuanming (2016-01)
      It has been shown that the intratumor heterogeneity can be characterized with quantitative analysis of the [18]F-FDG PET image data. The existing models employ multiple parameters for feature extraction which makes it ...
    • Quantitative assessment of image motion blur in diffraction images of moving biological cells 

      Wang, He; Jin, Changrong; Feng, Yuanming; Qi, Dandan; Sa, Yu; Hu, Xin-Hua (2016-02)
      Motion blur (MB) presents a significant challenge for obtaining high-contrast image data from biological cells with a polarization diffraction imaging flow cytometry (p-DIFC) method. A new p-DIFC experimental system has ...