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  • TLR5 participates in the TLR4 receptor complex and promotes MyD88- dependent signaling in environmental lung injury 

    Hussain, Salik; Johnson, Collin G; Sciurba, Joseph; Meng, Xianglin; Stober, Vandy P; Liu, Caini; Cyphert-Daly, Jaime M; Bulek, Katarzyna; Qian, Wen; Solis, Alma; Sakamachi, Yosuke; Trempus, Carol S; Aloor, Jim J; Gowdy, Kym M; Foster, W Michael; Hollingsworth, John W; Tighe, Robert M; Li, Xiaoxia; Fessler, Michael B; Garantziotis, Stavros (2020-01-28)
    Lung disease causes significant morbidity and mortality, and is exacerbated by environmental injury, for example through lipopolysaccharide (LPS) or ozone (O3). Toll-like receptors (TLRs) orchestrate immune responses to ...