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  • Computational identification of microRNAs associated to both epithelial to mesenchymal transition and NGAL/MMP-9 pathways in bladder cancer 

    Falzone, Luca; Candido, Saverio; Salemi, Rossella; Basile, Maria S.; Scalisi, Aurora; McCubrey, James A.; Torino, Francesco; Signorelli, Salvatore S.; Montella, Maurizio; Libra, Massimo (2016-11-08)
    Bladder cancer is one of the leading cancer of the urinary tract. It is often diagnosed at advanced stage of the disease. To date, no specific and effective early detection biomarkers are available. Cancer development and ...
  • Cutaneous melanoma: From pathogenesis to therapy (Review) 

    Leonardi, Giulia C.; Falzone, Luca; Salemi, Rossella; Zanghi, Antonino; Spandidos, Demetrios A.; Mccubrey, James A. (2018-02-27)
    In less than 10 years, melanoma treatment has been revolutionized with the approval of tyrosine kinase inhibitors and immune checkpoint inhibitors, which have been shown to have a significant impact on the prognosis of ...