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  • 2010 Top Ten Trends in Academic Libraries: A Review of the Current Literature 

    ACRL Research Planning & Review Committee; Lewis, Janice (East Carolina University, 2010-06)
    The ACRL Research, Planning and Review Committee, a component of the Research Coordinating Committee, is responsible for creating and updating a continuous and dynamic ...
  • The Academic Library in Institutional Assessment: Seizing an Opportunity 

    Lewis, Janice (East Carolina University, 2010)
    This paper reviews the major forces that led to a new climate of assessment in higher education, some of the instruments commonly used to assess undergraduate student learning and growth, and the programs ...
  • Adding a Use Factor Measure to a Materials Allocation Plan for Books in an Academic Library 

    Barricella, Lisa Sheets; Shirkey, Cynthia (2013-05)
    Tasked with re-working East Carolina University's Joyner Library materials allocation plan to better align it with current needs, two librarians, Lisa Barricella (Acquisitions) and Cindy Shirkey (Collection Development) ...
  • Applying the basics to improve the collection 

    Teel, Linda (East Carolina University, 2008)
    This article serves as a follow-up to an article published in Collection Building (Vol. 25 No. 4, pp. 129-133) entitled, "Inventory: catalyst for collection development" which discussed the direct outcomes of an inventory ...
  • Beyond Discovery Tools: The Evolution of Discovery at ECU Libraries 

    Bacon, Virginia; Boyer, Ginny (2013-10-17)
    At East Carolina University (ECU) Libraries, the term “discovery” has been in a state of evolution over the past few years. “Discovery” initially became an important part of librarians’ vocabulary with the introduction ...
  • Collecting Ourselves: An Analysis of holdings in North Carolina libraries of selected categories from the "North Carolina Bibliography" 

    Barricella, Lisa Sheets; Reynolds, Matthew C. (2009)
    Despite the Electronic Age’s impact on libraries, blurring the lines between brick and mortar and the Web, the value of collecting locally and regionally focused works remains high. Of equal importance is a deeper understanding ...
  • The Continuing Cautionary Tale of Creative Writing ETDs 

    Thomas, William Joseph; Shirkey, Cynthia (2013-08)
    Electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) often spark debate regarding restrictions on access and students’ opportunities for later publication. Most other studies have found publishers are in fact willing to work with ...
  • Creating a safe haven for university students: How are we doing? 

    Sanders, Mark (2012-10-05)
    Too frequently and often too late, academic librarians learn of patron experiences involving problem patrons, misdemeanor criminal activity, or poorly secured areas. Regrettably, these experiences can irrevocably diminish ...
  • Cross-Generational Valuing Among Peer Academic Librarians 

    Coonin, Bryna; Munde, Gail (2015)
    This study addresses a gap in the research concerning generational roles in the academic library workforce, particularly with regard to Millennials.
  • Demystifying Fund Allocation Formulas in an Academic Library Setting 

    Barricella, Lisa Sheets; Shirkey, Cynthia (2013-10-16)
    This presentation gave an overview of different types of allocation formulas in use at academic libraries and then focused on Joyner Library's recently developed model which incorporates a use factor measure.
  • Designing Library Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities 

    Willis, Carolyn; Nall, H. Clark; Hoover, Jeanne K. (2013)
    East Carolina University is the home of an innovative program for students with learning disabilities, Project STEPP. Librarians at ECU’s Joyner Library have collaborated with Project STEPP since 2010 to provide library ...
  • eBooks and Efficiencies in Acquisitions Expenditures and Workflows 

    Thomas, William Joseph; Seibert, Heather; Shouse, Daniel (2013-04)
    East Carolina University’s Joyner Library acquires ebooks through several different methods, including packages, firm orders, and most recently, a Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) program. Because we expect our volume of ...
  • The Electronic Resources Librarian in the Health Sciences Library: An Emerging Role 

    Greenstein, Patricia; Coghill, Jeffrey; Simpson, Susan (East Carolina University, 2005-02)
    ABSTRACT. This article will address the evolution of collection development in the age of e-resources. According to results from a survey conducted by the authors, there are some emerging "best practices" for librarians ...
  • Engaging with Library Staff: Lessons from a Staff Assembly 

    Dunning, John; Moore, Ashley (2020-06-17)
    East Carolina University’s J.Y. Joyner Library provides its employees with the opportunity to have their voice heard and impact the direction of the library by engaging its staff assemblies. The current SHRA Executive ...
  • Exploring sustainability of affordability initiatives: a library case study 

    Hoover, Jeanne; Shirkey, Cindy; Barricella, Lisa Sheets (2020-09)
    Purpose The cost of textbooks continues to rise for college students along with the cost of tuition. These costs can impact student success. In response to the rising costs, higher education institutions have started ...
  • A Fund Allocation Process: Employing a Use Factor 

    Barricella, Lisa Sheets; Shirkey, Cynthia (2014-11-07)
    Beginning in 2012, two librarians sought to revise the beastly allocation formula used to distribute monographic funds at East Carolina University. After investigating different methods, they decided to develop a formula ...
  • Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management (Review) 

    Thomas, William Joseph (East Carolina University, 2010)
    Book review of the second edition of Peggy Johnson's Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management (ALA, 2010).
  • The Future of Reading and Academic Libraries 

    Durant, David M.; Horava, Tony (2015-01)
    The e-book is raising fundamental questions around the dynamics and habits of reading; the role of books in the academic library; and the role of librarians in addressing new realities of reading and learning. Print and ...
  • The Future of Reading and Academic Libraries 

    Durant, David M.; Horava, Tony (2014-11-07)
    The rise of the ebook is raising fundamental questions around the dynamics and habits of reading, and a perennial question - the importance of books in the academic library. Print and digital texts foster different styles ...
  • An Information Literacy Umbrella for Instruction 

    Thomas, William Joseph; Willis, Carolyn (2004-03)
    Instructional activities at Joyner Library, East Carolina University, currently include course-integrated instruction, online tutorial use, class web pages, research consultations, a customizable subject guide database, ...