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  • Adding a Use Factor Measure to a Materials Allocation Plan for Books in an Academic Library 

    Barricella, Lisa Sheets; Shirkey, Cynthia (2013-05)
    Tasked with re-working East Carolina University's Joyner Library materials allocation plan to better align it with current needs, two librarians, Lisa Barricella (Acquisitions) and Cindy Shirkey (Collection Development) ...
  • Demystifying Fund Allocation Formulas in an Academic Library Setting 

    Barricella, Lisa Sheets; Shirkey, Cynthia (2013-10-16)
    This presentation gave an overview of different types of allocation formulas in use at academic libraries and then focused on Joyner Library's recently developed model which incorporates a use factor measure.
  • A Fund Allocation Process: Employing a Use Factor 

    Barricella, Lisa Sheets; Shirkey, Cynthia (2014-11-07)
    Beginning in 2012, two librarians sought to revise the beastly allocation formula used to distribute monographic funds at East Carolina University. After investigating different methods, they decided to develop a formula ...