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  • Art From the Abyss 

    French, Timothy Paul (East Carolina University, 2011)
    This document is written in support of the thesis exhibition, Art from the Abyss, which represents and supports the idea of art-making as a catharsis. Through these works, negative emotions are identified, named, and given ...

    Waller, Angela Rae (East Carolina University, 2012)
    Do students naturally select artwork that is of their own heritage or do they choose what they find inspiring for other reasons? The purpose of this study was to detect if students prefer artwork based on what they find ...
  • Building Hope Through Art: Engaging in Scholarship with Community 

    Quinn, Robert D. (2012-03-29)
    RCAW Scholar-Teacher Award
  • Building Visual Literacy Skills on Campus: A Toolkit for Multidisciplinary Skills on Campus 

    Brooks, Mackenzie; Cobourn, Alston; Lepage, Andrea; Teaff, Elizabeth (2020-12)
    Many colleges possess rich art collections that have the potential to expand curricula and address visual literacy in dynamic ways. However, faculty outside studio and art history departments often shy away from integrating ...

    Johnson, Nicolette (East Carolina University, 2021-12-03)
    Digital art portfolios meet the developing technological needs of art teachers while retaining historical benefits. The purpose of this study was to examine the gravity of the benefits and solutions to barriers to digital ...
  • Codified Artifice 

    Brown, Liz Kohler (East Carolina University, 2013)
    This written report supports the thesis exhibition entitled Codified Artifice, images of which are included in this report. The focus of this creative research is the cultural and nutritional implications of packaged foods. ...
  • Corrupt Fairytales : An Exploration of Implied Gender Roles Through Functional and Wearable Art 

    Saneholtz, Marissa (East Carolina University, 2011)
    This written report supports the creative thesis entitled Corrupt Fairytales, An Exploration of Implied Gender Roles Through Functional and Wearable Art. This thesis will investigate implied gender roles through research, ...
  • Decadent Afterlife 

    McAteer, Michael Patrick (East Carolina University, 2012)
    "Decadent Afterlife" has been a way for me to harness and channel my personal responses to the experiences in my life and display them. This thesis can be viewed as two series of work about control, mortality, and the ...
  • Developing My Archive: on being 

    Earl, Briana Nicole (East Carolina University, 2022-04-12)
    My current visual research examines personal experiences surrounding homesickness and nostalgia. For most of history, nostalgia and homesickness have been linked together even though they differ. Nostalgia is a longing for ...
  • Diseased: An Artistic Depiction of Public Health Issues and Their Causes 

    Robbins, Marian (East Carolina University, 2020-05-04)
    Public health is a form of healthcare that aims to improve the health of communities through preventative methods. This includes law-making, public education, and control of the spread of disease. By using detailed imagery ...
  • Emerging Creativity 

    Craig, Joshua Mark (East Carolina University, 2013)
    Complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions. This phenomenon is defined as Emergence. Emergent systems can act as a guide to the creative process by allowing the artist to ...
  • Escapist Ideations 

    Hutchinson, Katya Lee (East Carolina University, 2022-04-22)
    Escapist Ideations is a series of intaglio etchings exploring personal anxieties around global and systemic crises. Visualized as a series of escapist fantasies, each print represents a theme which is explored using ...
  • Everything and Nothing Changes 

    Harding, Matt (East Carolina University, 2013)
    This report is the creative thesis of my sculptural works completed at East Carolina University. Signage, sculpture and antique transportation technology influence the technical processes and geometric forms which support ...
  • FieldWork 

    Turi, Lorraine (East Carolina University, 2013)
    My work is a visual photographic exploration, which considers the migration from the field to the factory and the consequences of that shift on the American worker. Since the Industrial Revolution, large corporations have ...
  • Impacts of Arts Centers on Communities 

    Delconte, John D. (East Carolina University, 2013)
    The arts and culture have been shown to foster economic development by attracting workers and businesses in the knowledge industry, spur tourism, and improve the housing market. However, regardless of whether the arts and ...
  • International Trends and Techniques Used to Teach Studio Art Courses Through Distance Education 

    Sheldon, Kathryn Elizabeth (East Carolina University, 2009)
    This research collected data about international trends and techniques used to teach studio art courses through distance learning. The study presents information about methods of curriculum and instruction, background ...
  • Intersection: Arts@Science 

    Unknown author (2016-04)
    This is a recording of the Intersection of Arts and Sciences event from the 2016 Research and Creative Achievement Week. The recording features twelve presentations by ECU faculty and students.
  • Meeting Eye To Eye : How Trained Designers And Typical Viewers See Design Pieces : And Their Implications For Contemporary Design Education 

    Dockery, Tyler (East Carolina University, 2012)
    This study investigated and compared gaze patterns of typical viewers and trained designers to learn if there are differences in the gaze patterns between the two groups. Using eye tracking technology, participants were ...
  • Presently Post Modern 

    Brines, Nathan (East Carolina University, 2011)
    The museum, Fine Art, and the viewer's idea of status within these institutions are all ideologies. These ideologies are reinforced through our participation in them, acting them out as though they are natural. Photography ...
  • Secreted Behind Closed Doors : Rethinking Cather's Adultery Theme and "Unfurnished" Style in My Mortal Enemy 

    Adams, Janah R. (East Carolina University, 2011)
    In recent years, My Mortal Enemy (1926) has been virtually ignored in Cather scholarship. I place the novel in its literary and critical context by building on information from the critical reception and recent scholarship ...