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    • Comparison of quantification methods to measure fire-derived (black/elemental) carbon in soils and sediments using reference materials from soil, water, sediment and the atmosphere 

      Hammes, Karen; Schmidt, Michael W.I.; Smernik, Ronald J.; Currie, Lloyd A.; Ball, William P.; Nguyen, Thanh H.; Louchouarn, Patrick; Houel, Stephane; Gustafsson, Orjan; Elmquist, Marie; Cornelissen, Gerard; Skjemstad, Jan O.; Masiello, Caroline A.; Song, Jianzhong; Peng, Ping'an; Mitra, Siddhartha; Dunn, Joshua C.; Hatcher, Patrick G.; Hockaday, William C.; Smith, Dwight M.; Hartkopf-Froder, Cristoph; Bohmer, Axel; Luer, Burkhard; Huebert, Barry J.; Amelung, Wulf; Brodowski, Sonja; Huang, Lin; Zhang, Wendy; Gschwend, Philip M.; Flores-Cervantes, D. Xanat; Largeau, Claude; Rouzaud, Jean-Noel; Rumpel, Cornelia; Guggenberger, Georg; Kaiser, Klaus; Rodionov, Andrei; Gonzalez-Vila, Francisco J.; Gonzalez-Perez, Jose A.; de la Rosa, Jose M.; Manning, David A. C.; Lopez-Capel, Elisa; Ding, Luyi (2007)
      Black carbon (BC), the product of incomplete combustion of fossil fuels and biomass (called elemental carbon (EC) in atmospheric sciences), was quantified in 12 different materials by 17 laboratories from different ...
    • A Holocene record of climate-driven shifts in coastal carbon sequestration 

      Mitra, Siddhartha; Zimmerman, Andrew R.; Hunsinger, Glendon B.; Willard, Debra; Dunn, Joshua C. (2009)
      A sediment core collected in the mesohaline portion of Chesapeake Bay was found to contain periods of increased delivery of refractory black carbon (BC) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). The BC was most likely ...
    • Oceanic loading of wildfire-derived organic compounds from a small mountainous river 

      Hunsinger, Glendon B.; Mitra, Siddhartha; Warrick, Jonathan A.; Alexander, Clark R. (2008)
      Small mountainous rivers (SMRs) export substantial amounts of sediment into the world's oceans. The concomitant yield of organic carbon (OC) associated with this class of rivers has also been shown to be significant and ...