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  • The Molecular Nature of Tumorigenesis 

    Thompson, Nicholas, R (East Carolina University, 2013)
    This paper is an exploration of the molecular aspects behind the tumor development process. Robert Weinberg provides an in-depth analysis of the subject matter over a series of publications entitled The Hallmarks of Cancer, ...
  • Roles of the RAF/MEK/ERK Pathway in Cell Growth, Malignant Transformation and Drug Resistance 

    McCubrey, James A.; Steelman, Linda S.; Chappell, William H.; Abrams, Stephen L.; Wong, Ellis W.T.; Chang, Fumin; Lehmann, Brian D.; Terrian, David M.; Milella, Michele; Tafuri, Agostino; Stivala, Franca; Libra, Massimo; Basecke, Jorg; Evangelisti, Camilla; Martelli, Alberto M.; Franklin, Richard A. (East Carolina University, 2007-08)
    Growth factors and mitogens use the Ras/Raf/MEK/ERK signaling cascade to transmit signals from their receptors to regulate gene expression and prevent apoptosis. Some components of these pathways are mutated or aberrantly ...