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    • Altered expression of circadian clock gene, mPer1, in mouse brain and kidney under morphine dependence and withdrawal 

      Wang, Xiaojia; Wang, Yueqi; Xin, Haoyang; Liu, Yanyou; Wang, Yuhui; Zheng, Hang; Jiang, Zhou; Wan, Chaomin; Wang, Zhengrong; Ding, Jian M. (East Carolina University, 2006-08-22)
      Every physiological function in the human body exhibits some form of circadian rhythmicity. Under pathological conditions, however, circadian rhythmicity may be dusrupted. Patients infected with HIV or addicted to drugs ...
    • Circadian influences on myocardial infarction 

      Virag, Jitka A. I.; Lust, Robert M. (2014-10-30)
      Components of circadian rhythm maintenance, or “clock genes,” are endogenous entrainable oscillations of about 24 h that regulate biological processes and are found in the suprachaismatic nucleus (SCN) and many peripheral ...