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  • E-Books, Soup to Nuts: Considering Workflows for Electronic Books 

    Thomas, William Joseph (2012-05-11)
    Many libraries have already have access to packages of electronic books, and are either considering or putting into place two other methods of acquisition: title-by-title selection and patron-driven acquisitions (PDA). ...
  • eBooks and Efficiencies in Acquisitions Expenditures and Workflows 

    Thomas, William Joseph; Seibert, Heather; Shouse, Daniel (2013-04)
    East Carolina University’s Joyner Library acquires ebooks through several different methods, including packages, firm orders, and most recently, a Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) program. Because we expect our volume of ...
  • The Future of Reading and Academic Libraries 

    Durant, David M.; Horava, Tony (2015-01)
    The e-book is raising fundamental questions around the dynamics and habits of reading; the role of books in the academic library; and the role of librarians in addressing new realities of reading and learning. Print and ...
  • No Shelf Required 2 (Review) 

    Thomas, William Joseph (2013-01)