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    • Articulation of Balance 

      Erisman, Graham (East Carolina University, 2012)
      This is my report on my creative research. It is supplementary to my thesis exhibition of works of sculpture, images of which are included in this report. These sculptures explore the idea of balance through articulation ...

      Massoud, Nadia (East Carolina University, 2021-05-03)
      " ... for the notetakers ..." was a favorite and oft used phrase of a beloved teacher of mine. It was his cue to his serious students that this was one of the really juicy, important bits to capture. The way he said it ...
    • Seeking Comfort 

      Bailey, Alison (East Carolina University, 2015)
      I believe that objects once possessed by a loved one can vividly revive one's memories  and have the power to evoke comfort and nostalgia. The contrast, color, repetition, and tactile  qualities of my pieces preserve these ...