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  • Deletion of the Protein Kinase A/Protein Kinase G Target SMTNL1 Promotes an Exercise-adapted Phenotype in Vascular Smooth Muscle 

    Wooldridge, Anne A.; Fortner, Christopher N.; Lontay, Beata; Akimoto, Takayuki; Neppl, Ronald L.; Facemire, Carie; Datto, Michael B.; Kwon, Ashley; McCook, Everett; Li, Ping; Wang, Shiliang; Thresher, Randy J.; Miller, Sara E.; Perriard, Jean-Claude; Gavin, Timothy Patrick; Hickner, Robert C.; Coffman, Thomas M.; Somlyo, Avril V.; Yan, Zhen; Haystead, Timothy A. J. (East Carolina University, 2008-04-25)
    In vivo protein kinases A and G (PKA and PKG) coordinately phosphorylate a broad range of substrates to mediate their various physiological effects. The functions of many of these substrates have yet to be defined genetically. ...