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    • Banana Ripening 

      Kurosawa, Kent; Williams, Alexandrea; Baylon, Michael; Callander, Francesca "Miki"; Blanchett, Darion; Powell, Nyia (2019)
    • Being bad at Basketball 

      Morales, James; Nigro, Cole; Rios, Nico; McHugh, Sean; Tate, William; Finkelmeier, Garrett; Ralli, Joseph (2019)
    • Blank Canvases 

      Robbins, Hannah; Moss, Charlee; Keys, Charvez Jr.; Mompoint, John; Courtney, Kacey (2019)
    • Box Wine 

      Morales, James; Finkelmeier, Garrett; Nigro, Cole; Ralli, Joe; Rios, Nico; McHugh, Sean; Smith, Joshua; Tate, William (2019)
    • Can I have your number? 

      Wood, Cici; Young, Maria; Rosas, Ramiro; Spurley, Koty; Avery, James; Stuart, Isham; Sexton, Jacob; Judge, Brian (2019)
    • Do Re Mi 

      Nesmith, Gerald; Sawyer, Sienna; Applegate, Noah; Morales, Michelle; White, Elijah; Spade, Katie (2019)
    • Domino Effect of Peace 

      Jones, Jimmy (2019)
    • Dream Chasing 

      Byungura, Frank; Breederoo, Tygo; Baird, Jake (2019)
    • Escapist Ideations 

      Hutchinson, Katya Lee (East Carolina University, 2022-04-22)
      Escapist Ideations is a series of intaglio etchings exploring personal anxieties around global and systemic crises. Visualized as a series of escapist fantasies, each print represents a theme which is explored using ...
    • FA SO LA 

      Nesmith, Gerald; White, Elijah; Spade, Katie; Sawyer, Sienna; Morales, Michelle (2019)
    • Hey, Audrey 

      Bannister, Victoria; Sanders, Haley; Mayhew, Alex; Herlong, Emma (2019)
    • Just One More Story 

      Deguzman, Kaitlyn; Callander, Francesca; Tazawa, Satsuki; Simons, Shayla; Moore, Breana; Blanchett, Darion (2019)
    • Las Cosas Pequeñas 

      Giron Morales, Michelle; Buchanan, Jessica; Omotoshon, Maryam; Nesmith, Gerald (2019)
    • Lemon 

      Haddock, Nick (2019)
    • Passively Ever After : Disney's Cinematic Abuse in Beauty and the Beast 

      Lederer, Erin Michelle (East Carolina University, 2012)
      This thesis examines the manner in which Disney's Beauty and the Beast cultivates stereotypes and gendered behaviors consistent with domestic violence and thereby encourages viewers to accept and tolerate abuse against ...
    • Porch Pooch 

      Wiser, Hannah (2019)
    • Practical Pedagogy for the Use of Filmic Adaptations of Canonical Texts 

      Smith, Virginia Lang (East Carolina University, 2010)
      The following study is dedicated to the practical usage of filmic adaptations in the academic setting; more specifically, I explore the usage of adaptations based on The Scarlet Letter and how they can be integrated into ...
    • Raleigh VolksFest 2019 

      Parham, Molly (2019)
    • Royal Flush Part 1 

      VanHouten, Michael; Lamberti, Marco; Durrer, Michael; Hopkins, Jamicah; Jeffers, Avery; Martinez, Michael (2019)