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  • Alterations in insulin action and contraction-mediated metabolism in myotubes derived from Roux-en-Y gastric bypass patients 

    Hinkley, J. Matthew (5/16/2016)
    Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) surgery induces various metabolic benefits in severely obese (BMI> 40 kg/m2) individuals, including improved insulin action in peripheral tissues, most notably skeletal muscle, and remission ...
  • Bariatric Surgery: Risks and Rewards 

    Pories, Walter J. (East Carolina University, 2008-11)
    Context: Over 23 million Americans are afflicted with severe obesity, i.e. their body mass index (in kilograms per square meter) values exceed 35. Of even greater concern is the association of the adiposity with comorbidities ...
  • Diabetes: No Longer a Hopeless Disease 

    Pories, Walter J. (2012-03-29)
    RCAW Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Diabetes: The Evolution of a New Paradigm 

    Pories, Walter J. (East Carolina University, 2004-01)
  • Effect of Duodenal-Jejunal Bypass on Skeletal Muscle Insulin Signaling in Goto-Kakizaki Rats 

    Sloan, Ruben Carnell (East Carolina University, 2009)
    Gastric bypass surgery (RYGBP) for the treatment of obesity has proven to clinically reverse type 2 diabetes mellitus. RYGBP involves both gastric reduction and bypass of the proximal small intestine. Duodenal-Jejunal ...

    Belanus, Greta (East Carolina University, 2013)
    Background: Obesity has become a severe issue in the United States, and gastric bypass surgery has been one of the most successful tools to combat the adverse consequences of this disease. The rapid weight loss associated ...
  • Gastrogastric fistulas. A complication of divided gastric bypass surgery. 

    Cucchi, Sharon G. D.; Pories, Walter J.; MacDonald, Kenneth G. Jr.; Morgan, Elizabeth J. (East Carolina University, 1995-04)
    Objective This report warns that gastrogastric fistulas may follow the division of the stomach in bariatric surgery. Summary Background Data Although surgery is the most effective therapy for morbid obesity, the ...
  • Insulin Stimulated Lactate Production 

    Griffin, Jordan (2014)
    It has been shown that Type 2 diabetic patients who undergo Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass surgery (RYGB) show a decrease in muscle lactate production, liver glucose production and pancreatic insulin secretion. To explain these ...
  • Is type II diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) a surgical disease? 

    Pories, Walter J.; MacDonald, Kenneth G. Jr.; Flickinger, Edward G.; Dohm, G. Lynis; Sinha, Madhur K.; Barakat, Hisham A.; May, Harold J.; Khazanie, Prabhaker; Swanson, Melvin S.; Morgan, Elizabeth J.; Leggett-Frazier, Nancy; Long, Stuart D.; Brown, Brenda M.; O'Brien, Kevin F.; Caro, Jose F. (East Carolina University, 1992-06)
    Since February 1, 1980, 515 morbidly obese patients have undergone the Greenville gastric bypass (GGB) operation. Of these, 212 (41.2%) were euglycemic, 288 (55.9%) were either diabetic or had glucose intolerance, and ...
  • Mechanism for Improved Insulin Sensitivity after Gastric Bypass Surgery 

    Bikman, Benjamin Thomas; Zheng, Donghai; Pories, Walter J.; Chapman, William H. H.; Pender, John R.; Bowden, Rita C.; Reed, Melissa A.; Cortright, Ronald N.; Tapscott, Edward B.; Houmard, Joseph A.; Tanner, Charles J.; Lee, Jihyun; Dohm, G. Lynis (East Carolina University, 2008-12)
    Context: Surgical treatments of obesity have been shown to induce rapid and prolonged improvements in insulin sensitivity. Objective: The aim of the study was to investigate the effects of gastric bypass surgery and the ...
  • Potential Mechanisms for Amelioration of Type 2 Diabetes Following Bariatric Surgery 

    Reed, Melissa Anne (East Carolina University, 2011)
    Severe obesity and Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM) are worldwide health concerns reaching epidemic proportions. Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) has been shown to elicit a rapid and durable improvement and/or remission of T2DM in ...

    Ernst, Jacob Matthew (East Carolina University, 2012)
    Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) resolution following Roux-en Y gastric bypass (RYGB) surgery is reduced in patients with longer duration of T2DM and preliminary data suggest this may be mechanistically linked to lower ...
  • Who would have thought it? An operation proves to be the most effective therapy for adult-onset diabetes mellitus. 

    Pories, Walter J.; Swanson, Melvin S.; MacDonald, Kenneth G. Jr.; Long, Stuart B.; Morris, Patricia G.; Brown, Brenda M.; Barakat, Hisham A.; deRamon, Richard A.; Israel, R. Gay; Dolezal, Jeanette M.; Dohm, G. Lynis (East Carolina University, 1995-09)
    OBJECTIVE: This report documents that the gastric bypass operation provides long-term control for obesity and diabetes. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA: Obesity and diabetes, both notoriously resistant to medical therapy, continue ...