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    • Orphan Glutamate Receptor delta-1 Subunit Required for High-Frequency Hearing 

      Gao, Jiangang; Maison, Stephane F.; Wu, Xudong; Hirose, Keiko; Jones, Sherri M.; Bayazitov, Ildar; Tian, Yong; Mittleman, Guy; Matthews, Douglas B.; Zakharenko, Stanislav S.; Liberman, M. Charles; Zuo, Jian (East Carolina University, 2007-06)
      The function of the orphan glutamate receptor delta subunits (GluR 1 and GluR 2) remains unclear. GluR 2 is expressed exclusively in the Purkinje cells of the cerebellum, and GluR 1 is prominently expressed in inner ear ...