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    • Assaying Environmental Nickel Toxicity Using Model Nematodes 

      Rudel, David; Douglas, Chandler D.; Huffnagle, Ian M.; Besser, John M.; Ingersoll, Christopher G. (2013)
      Although nickel exposure results in allergic reactions, respiratory conditions, and cancer in humans and rodents, the ramifications of excess nickel in the environment for animal and human health remain largely undescribed. ...
    • Habitat and Scale Shape the Demographic Fate of the Keystone Sea Urchin in Mediterranean Macrophyte Communities 

      Prado, Patricia; Tomas, Fiona; Pinna, Stefania; Farina, Simone; Roca, Guillem; Ceccherelli, Giulia; Romero, Javier; Alcoverro, Teresa (2012)
      Demographic processes exert different degrees of control as individuals grow, and in species that span several habitats and spatial scales, this can influence our ability to predict their population at a particular ...
    • Selection of Reliable Reference Genes in for Analysis of Nanotoxicity 

      Zhang, Yanqiong; Chen, Dongliang; Smith, Michael A.; Zhang, Baohong; Pan, Xiaoping (2012)
      Despite rapid development and application of a wide range of manufactured metal oxide nanoparticles (NPs), the understanding of potential risks of using NPs is less completed, especially at the molecular level. The nematode ...