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    • Anhedonia and Delay Discounting in Problematic Cannabis Users 

      Hardy, Stacie (East Carolina University, 2018-01-19)
      Depressive symptoms (e.g., anhedonia) have been observed in cannabis users. Alterations in delay discounting have been observed in depressed individuals. Steep discounting (i.e., impulsive choice) has been associated with ...
    • Prison Overcrowding in America: Could the Decriminalization of Marijuana be a Possible Solution? 

      Hicks, Jacob, M. (2014)
      The adoption of sentencing guidelines in recent decades accompanying a "get tough" mentality of many judges has helped to push along a consistent increase in prison populations on a state level over the past 30 years. Such ...

      Rogers, Margaret (East Carolina University, 2011)
      This creative thesis consists of the beginning of a novel and sections that will be used in the creation of a whole narrative. RENOVATION is a story of several characters' experiences in the surrounding areas of the same ...