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  • Analysis of Myopodin in Hela Cervical Carcinoma Cells 

    Harkins, Melissa (East Carolina University, 2014)
    Synaptopodin-2 is a proline-rich, actin-binding protein that exists in many isoforms. Due to its large proline content, synaptopodin-2 exists in a naturally unfolded state and possesses the characteristics of a hub protein. ...
  • Identification and Characterization of Optimal Gene Expression Markers for Detection of Breast Cancer Metastasis 

    Backus, John; Laughlin, Todd; Wang, Yixin; Belly, Robert; White, Robert; Baden, Jon; Min, C. Justus; Mannie, Ann; Tafra, Lorraine; Atkins, David; verbanac, Kathryn M. (East Carolina University, 2005-08)
    Sentinel lymph node (SLN) status is highly predictive of overall axillary lymph node involvement in breast cancer. Historically, SLN-positive patients have undergone axillary lymph node dissection in a second ...