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    • High Levels of Diversity Uncovered in a Widespread Nominal Taxon: Continental Phylogeography of the Neotropical Tree Frog 

      Gehara, Marcelo; Crawford, Andrew J.; Orrico, Victor G. D.; Rodrí­guez, Ariel; Lötters, Stefan; Fouquet, Antoine; Barrientos, Lucas S.; Brusquetti, Francisco; De la Riva, Ignacio; Ernst, Raffael; Urrutia, Giuseppe Gagliardi; Glaw, Frank; Guayasamin, Juan M.; Hölting, Monique; Jansen, Martin; Kok, Philippe J. R.; Kwet, Axel; Lingnau, Rodrigo; Lyra, Mariana; Moravec, Jiří; Pombal, José P.; Rojas-Runjaic, Fernando J. M.; Schulze, Arne; Señaris, J. Celsa; Solé, Mirco; Rodrigues, Miguel Trefaut; Twomey, Evan; Haddad, Celio F. B.; Vences, Miguel; Köhler, Jörn (2014)
      Species distributed across vast continental areas and across major biomes provide unique model systems for studies of biotic diversification, yet also constitute daunting financial, logistic and political challenges for ...
    • Metabolic Inflexibility in Skeletal Muscle With Obesity 

      Boyle, Kristen E. (East Carolina University, 2009)
      The skeletal muscle of obese individuals has a reduced capacity to oxidize lipids. The hypothesis to be tested in this dissertation is that the ability to regulate lipid oxidation in response to lipid exposure is impaired ...
    • Phylogeny and Classification of the Trapdoor Spider Genus : An Integrative Approach to Evaluating Taxonomic Hypotheses 

      Bailey, Ashley L.; Brewer, Michael S.; Hendrixson, Brent E.; Bond, Jason E. (2010)
      Background Revised by Bond and Platnick in 2007, the trapdoor spider genus Myrmekiaphila comprises 11 species. Species delimitation and placement within one of three species groups was based on modifications of the male ...