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  • Breathing New Life into Philosophical Inquiry through the Use of Fiction 

    Twisdale, James Patrick Andrew (East Carolina University, 2017-05-03)
    To incite every day people to venture into the world of philosophical thought and intrigue, I have constructed the beginnings of a novel that will use the old allegories and ideas of the past and place them into a new ...
  • Existing for Others: Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Ecclesiology 

    Workman, Jason G. (2015)
    Bonhoeffer’s life is what initially draws attention. His church and Christ based theology are what keeps it. His theological legacy is one of bold faith, a life of real community, and action. As brilliant as his theological ...
  • The Philosophy of Happiness: A State of Being 

    Spencer, Cody (2014-12)
    Depression is a mental condition of dejection and can limit one’s energy and motivation to engage in life. The purpose of this Senior Honors Project is to develop a concept of happiness so that a better understanding of ...