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  • Inherent fibrin fiber tension propels mechanisms of network clearance during fibrinolysis 

    Cone, Sean J.; Fuquay, Andrew T.; Litofsky, Justin M.; Dement, Taylor C.; Carolan, Christopher (Christopher A.); Hudson, Nathan E. (2020-04-15)
    Proper wound healing necessitates both coagulation (the formation of a blood clot) and fibrinolysis (the dissolution of a blood clot). A thrombus resistant to clot dissolution can obstruct blood flow, leading to vascular ...
  • Microscale structural changes of individual fibrin fibers during fibrinolysis 

    Lynch, Spencer R.; Laverty, Sean M.; Bannish, Brittany E.; Hudson, Nathan E. (2022-01-07)
    Fibrinolysis is the enzymatic digestion of fibrin, the primary structural component in blood clots. Mechanisms of fibrin fiber digestion during lysis have long been debated and obtaining detailed structural knowledge of ...