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    • Molecular phylogenetic evidence for a mimetic radiation in Peruvian poison frogs supports a Müllerian mimicry hypothesis. 

      Symula, Rebecca; Schulte, Rainer; Summers, Kyle (East Carolina University, 2001-12-07)
      Examples of Müllerian mimicry, in which resemblance between unpalatable species confers mutual benefit, are rare in vertebrates. Strong comparative evidence for mimicry is found when the colour and pattern of a single ...
    • Visual mate choice in poison frogs. 

      Summers, Kyle; Symula, Rebecca; Clough, Mark E.; Cronin, Thomas (East Carolina University, 1999-11-07)
      We investigated female mate choice on the basis of visual cues in two populations of Dendrobates pumilio, the strawberry poison frog, from the Bocas del Toro Archipelago in Panama, Central America. Mate choice experiments ...