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  • Designing Ceramics for Social Events 

    Bailey, William Gaines (East Carolina University, 2015)
    My work considers the role of functional objects in common rituals. I am investigating how handcrafted ceramics can fit the demands of social events in both functional and decorative capacities. Specifically my thesis work ...
  • Facetacks Season One : A Narrative on Ceramic Vessels 

    Rees, Kyle (East Carolina University, 2013)
    This written report addresses the narrative objects created in the completion of the Master of Fine Arts degree. These objects consist of utilitarian porcelain pottery in the form of stacked cups, coffee sets, and tea ...
  • Wood-Firing in America : Wood-Fired Utilitarian Ware for Serving Japanese and American Food 

    Ishimaru, Yu (East Carolina University, 2011)
    In this body of work, my focus is on the surface and color of wood-fired ergonomic utilitarian ware. The natural-ash glazed surface and soft color changes from the atmospheric nature of wood firing are the principle aim ...