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    • Resveratrol Inhibits KSHV Reactivation by Lowering the Levels of Cellular EGR-1 

      Dyson, Ossie F.; Walker, Lia R.; Whitehouse, Adrian; Cook, Paul P.; Akula, Shaw M. (2012)
      Article Authors Metrics Comments Related Content Abstract Introduction Results Discussion Materials and Methods Supporting Information Acknowledgments Author Contributions References Reader Comments (0) Media ...
    • Selection of Reliable Reference Genes in for Analysis of Nanotoxicity 

      Zhang, Yanqiong; Chen, Dongliang; Smith, Michael A.; Zhang, Baohong; Pan, Xiaoping (2012)
      Despite rapid development and application of a wide range of manufactured metal oxide nanoparticles (NPs), the understanding of potential risks of using NPs is less completed, especially at the molecular level. The nematode ...