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  • Connecting It All: Creating Community in Sport and Entertainment 

    Warner, Stacy; Dixon, Marlene A. (2016-06-01)
    There is a growing concern that many individuals are no longer living in and experiencing community like previous generations. Today for many Americans, it is common for someone to have thousands of online Facebook friends ...
  • Exploring sense of community among small-scale sport event volunteers 

    Kerwin, Shannon; Warner, Stacy; Walker, Matthew; Stevens, Julie (2015-01-14)
    Research question: In response to claims that sport event research over emphasizes economic outcomes and mega-event contexts, this research sought to both assess a scale that measures sense of community among small-scale ...
  • The Football Factor: Shaping Community on Campus 

    Warner, Stacy; Shapiro, Stephen L.; Dixon, Marlene A.; Ridinger, Lynn L.; Harrison, Scott B. (2011)
    Many American universities continue to invest in expensive intercollegiate football programs, and specifically cite the sport’s ability to foster a sense of community (SOC) as justification for the cost. This study sought ...