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  • More Than Just Letting Them Play: Parental Influence on Women's Lifetime Sport Involvement 

    Dixon, Marlene A.; Warner, Stacy; Bruening, Jennifer (East Carolina University, 2008)
    This qualitative study uses expectancy-value and life course theories (Giele & Elder, 1998) to examine both the proximal and distal impact of early family socialization on enduring female participation in sport. Seventeen ...
  • Self-efficacy in freshman and sophomore nursing students 

    Chatman, Mary B. (East Carolina University, 2012)
    Healthcare disparities and inequities have been at the forefront of the health agenda, thus supporting that minority healthcare is of poorer quality than that experienced by the majority population. Compounding this issue ...
  • Sexual Attitudes and Reality Television Viewing Among Emerging Adults 

    Powell, Aisha L. (East Carolina University, 2013)
    Emerging Adulthood is a transitional stage that entails different developmental tasks. One specific task is developing sexual identity. Mass media (e.g., television, Internet, and movies) play an important role in influencing ...