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      Massoud, Nadia (East Carolina University, 2021-05-03)
      “…for the notetakers…” was a favorite and oft used phrase of a beloved teacher of mine. It was his cue to his serious students that this was one of the really juicy, important bits to capture. The way he said it called to ...
    • Using Vulnerability and Planning Data to Measure Resilience in Coastal North Carolina 

      Monitz, Gary I. (East Carolina University, 2011)
      Along the coast of North Carolina, development has put tremendous stress on already delicate natural systems. Consisting almost entirely of barrier islands, this region is highly dynamic and subject to a variety of acute ...
    • A Validation Assessment of the Hazards of Place Model of Vulnerability for Northeastern North Carolina 

      Carmichael, Bryce (East Carolina University, 2011)
      As societal development continues to increase in floodplains, it is important to quantify the vulnerabilities associated with flooding. Using northeastern North Carolina as the study area, this thesis estimates the hazards ...