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    • Biomarkers of Disease and Treatment in Murine and Cynomolgus Models of Chronic Asthma 

      Louten, Jennifer; Mattson, Jeanine D.; Malinao, Maria-Christina; Li, Ying; Emson, Claire; Vega, Felix; Wardle, Robert L.; Van Scott, Michael R.; Fick, Robert B.; McClanahan, Terrill K.; de Waal Malefyt, Rene; Beaumont, Maribel (2012)
      Background Biomarkers facilitate early detection of disease and measurement of therapeutic efficacy, both at clinical and experimental levels. Recent advances in analytics and disease models allow comprehensive screening ...
    • Monoamine Oxidase is a Major Determinant of Redox Balance in Human Atrial Myocardium and is Associated With Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation 

      Anderson, Ethan J.; Efird, Jimmy T.; Davies, Stephen W.; O'Neal, Wesley T.; Darden, Timothy M.; Thayne, Kathleen A.; Katunga, Lalage Adalaide; Kindell, Linda C.; Ferguson, T. Bruce; Anderson, Curtis A.; Chitwood, W. Randolph; Koutlas, Theodore C.; Williams, J. Mark; Rodriguez, Evelio; Kypson, Alan P. (2014-02)
      BACKGROUND: Onset of postoperative atrial fibrillation (POAF) is a common and costly complication of heart surgery despite major improvements in surgical technique and quality of patient care. The etiology of POAF, and ...