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  • Carbon Nanotube-Induced Pulmonary Granulomatous Disease: 1 and Alveolar Macrophage M1 Activation 

    Barna, Barbara P.; Huizar, Isham; Malur, Anagha; McPeek, Matthew; Marshall, Irene; Jacob, Mark; Dobbs, Larry; Kavuru, Mani S.; Thomassen, Mary Jane (2013-12)
    Sarcoidosis, a chronic granulomatous disease of unknown cause, has been linked to several environmental risk factors, among which are some that may favor carbon nanotube formation. Using gene array data, we initially ...
  • Interlaboratory Evaluation of Rodent Pulmonary Responses to Engineered Nanomaterials: The NIEHS Nano GO Consortium 

    Bonner, James C.; Silva, Rona M.; Taylor, Alexia J.; Brown, Jared M.; Hilderbrand, Susana C.; Castranova, Vincent; Porter, Dale; Elder, Alison; Oberdörster, Günter; Harkema, Jack R.; Bramble, Lori A.; Kavanagh, Terrance J.; Botta, Dianne; Nel, Andre; Pinkerton, Kent E. (2013-05)
    Background: Engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) have potential benefits, but they also present safety concerns for human health. Interlaboratory studies in rodents using standardized protocols are needed to assess ENM ...