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    • Pulmonary Exposure to Magnéli Phase Titanium Suboxides Results in Significant Macrophage Abnormalities and Decreased Lung Function 

      McDaniel, Dylan K.; Ringel-Scaia, Veronica M.; Morrison, Holly A.; Coutermarsh-Ott, Sheryl; Council-Troche, McAlister; Angle, Jonathan W.; Perry, Justin B.; Davis, Grace; Leng, Weinan; Minarchick, Valerie; Yang, Yi; Chen, Bo; Reece, Sky W.; Brown, David A.; Cecere, Thomas E.; Brown, Jared M.; Gowdy, Kymberly M.; Hochella, Michael F.; Allen, Irving C. (2019-11-28)
      Coal is one of the most abundant and economic sources for global energy production. However, the burning of coal is widely recognized as a significant contributor to atmospheric particulate matter linked to deleterious ...