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    • Institutional Betrayal: Students' Experiences with Formally Reporting a College Sexual Assault 

      Sall, Kayla (East Carolina University, 2020-11-06)
      Nearly one in five U.S. college women will experience a sexual assault while enrolled in college (Cantor et al., 2015; Jordan et al., 2014; Muehlenhard et al., 2017; Zinzow et al., 2010). Following a sexual assault, many ...
    • Managing Mental Health: Athlete Help-Seeking 

      Habeeb, Christine; Warner, Stacy; Walsh, David (2021-12-15)
      Despite sport managers’ efforts to address mental health, many athletes have increased risks of anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, many athletes do not seek help. Using a mixed-method approach, this study’s purpose was ...