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    • Structural and functional analysis of the Vaccinia virus O1 virulence protein 

      Weeks, Anastasia C. (East Carolina University, 2017-07-26)
      Poxviruses are double-stranded DNA viruses capable of causing disfiguring and deadly disease in a wide range of hosts, from insects to mammals. Orthopoxviruses (OPXV) encode many proteins that are not essential for viral ...
    • The effects of stress on avian gene expression and microbiomes 

      Newhouse, Daniel J (East Carolina University, 2019-07-24)
      Organisms must cope with stressors throughout their lifetime. Stressors are broad and come from both intrinsic and extrinsic sources. In this era of rapid global change, exposure to stressors will become more unpredictable ...
    • Tolerogenic vaccines for Multiple Sclerosis 

      Mannie, Mark D.; Curtis II, Alan Dale (2013-05)
      Tolerogenic vaccines represent a new class of vaccine designed to re-establish immunological tolerance, restore immune homeostasis, and thereby reverse autoimmune disease. Tolerogenic vaccines induce long-term, antigen-specific, ...