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  • Voluntary Restoration: Mitigation's Silent Partner in the Quest to Reverse Coastal Wetland Loss in the USA 

    Gittman, Rachel K.; Baillie, Christopher J.; Arkema, Katie K.; Bennett, Richard O.; Benoit, Jeff; Blitch, Seth; Brun, Julien; Chatwin, Anthony; Colden, Allison; Dausman, Alyssa; DeAngelis, Bryan; Herold, Nathaniel; Henkel, Jessica; Houge, Rachel; Howard, Ronald; Hughes, A. Randall; Scyphers, Steven B.; Shostik, Tisa; Sutton-Grier, Ariana; Grabowski, Jonathan H. (2019-08-28)
    Coastal ecosystems are under pressure from a vast array of anthropogenic stressors, including development and climate change, resulting in significant habitat losses globally. Conservation policies are often implemented ...