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    • Frequency of Tongue Cleaning Impacts the Human Tongue Microbiome Composition and Enterosalivary Circulation of Nitrate 

      Tribble, Gena D.; Angelov, Nikola; Weltman, Robin; Wang, Bing-Yan; Eswaran, Sridhar V.; Gay, Isabel C.; Parthasarathy, Kavitha; Dao, Doan-Hieu V.; Richardson, Katherine N.; Ismail, Nadia M.; Sharina, Iraida G.; Hyde, Embriette R.; Ajami, Nadim J.; Petrosino, Joseph F.; Bryan, Nathan S. (2019-03-01)
      The oral microbiome has the potential to provide an important symbiotic function in human blood pressure physiology by contributing to the generation of nitric oxide (NO), an essential cardiovascular signaling molecule. ...