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  • Frequency altered feedback for treating non-stuttering pathologies 

    Rastatter, Michael; Kalinowski, Joseph; Stuart, Andrew (2004-04-22)
    A device (10) and method for treating subjects having non-stuttering pathologies or disorders using frequency altered feedback including positioning a ear-supported device (10E) for receiving auditory signals associated ...
  • Methods and devices for treating stuttering problems 

    Stuart, Andrew; Kalinowski, Joseph (2000-12-18)
    Methods, devices, and computer program products display visual choral speech to a patient who stutters or has a speech impediment or impairment as a visual stimulus for the patient to enhance the fluency of the patient. ...
  • Non-stuttering biofeedback method and apparatus using daf 

    Kalinowski, Joseph; Rastatter, Michael; Stuart, Andrew (2003-11-06)
    Methods, devices and systems treat non-stuttering speech and/or language related disorders by administering a delayed auditory feedback signal having a delay of under about 200 ms via a portable device. The DAF treatment ...