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  • Dramaturgy and Its Effect on Theatrical Productions and Scriptwriting 

    Blackburn, Reagan Michelle (East Carolina University, 2022-12-14)
    I have loved the world of theatre for as long as I can remember. My father first saw my mother when she was acting in a play, so I also sort of owe my life to theatre. However, my love boils down to one thing: I believe ...
  • Student-Produced Theatre Projects: A Vital Aspect of Collegiate Theatre 

    Johnson, Matthew Blake (East Carolina University, 2016-04-29)
    Theatre business professionals are a close-knit community of people who run in similar circles. Likewise, it is nearly certain that every college theatre major knows another student studying theatre at a different college ...
  • The Emotional Effect of Musical Underscoring in the Play columbinus 

    Rogers, Jessica (East Carolina University, 2018-05-03)
    One of the most debated political topics in today’s media is the prominence of school shootings. During a time of discourse, artists typically use this energy to enhance their work and create emotional pieces of art that ...