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  • Emergency Preparedness Demonstration: Increasing Disaster Awareness and Preparedness in Disadvantaged Communities 

    Cooper, John T. (2009-01-18)
    This presentation includes the following panelists: Phillip R. Berke, Thomas A. Birkland, and Emily Young. Moderated by John T. Cooper. Dr. Cooper introduced the panel discussion by pointing ...
  • Emerging Technology for Hazards Risk Reduction 

    Allen, Thomas Richard (2009-09-18)
    The panelists include John Cole and Sarah Jamison, Brian Etherton, John Dorman, Ruth Little, and Noel Lee. Moderated by Tom Allen. Dr. Allen introduced the panel by posing a series of questions about how technology has ...
  • Faces from the Flood 

    Barnes, Jay (2009-09-18)
    Jay Barnes shared photographs and stories from his book, Faces from the Flood: Hurricane Floyd Remembered, written with Richard Moore. Barnes emphasized that storytelling is one of the most important forms of hurricane ...
  • Human Dimensions of Hurricane Floyd 

    Montz, Burrell Elizabeth (2009-09-18)
    The panelists for this presentation are Dr. Jimmy Tickel, Catherine Smith, and Charles Fisher. Moderated by Dr. Burrell Montz. Dr. Montz, introduced herself and the panelists. She emphasized that even as we increase ...
  • Welcoming Remarks (Day 1) 

    Kruse, Jamie; White, Dean Alan; Mageean, Deirdre (2009-09-18)
    2009 Hurricane Floyd Symposium