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  • Making Art Responsibly 

    Fanberg, Victoria (East Carolina University, 2010)
    This essay is a written defense for the body of work titled, "How Does Your Garden Grow?" as well as an examination of how art can behave responsibly in regards to the social process.  
  • Meeting Eye To Eye : How Trained Designers And Typical Viewers See Design Pieces : And Their Implications For Contemporary Design Education 

    Dockery, Tyler (East Carolina University, 2012)
    This study investigated and compared gaze patterns of typical viewers and trained designers to learn if there are differences in the gaze patterns between the two groups. Using eye tracking technology, participants were ...
  • Metamorphosis in Red 

    Lang, Joanne; Lazure, Timothy (East Carolina University, 2019-04-26)
    Folk and fairy tales have been told for centuries and they remain a mainstay in children's literature. When they were first written down, the tales included startling episodes of mistreatment of women, including sexual ...
  • Metempsychosis & Reincarnation 

    Guan, Kerry Yichen (East Carolina University, 2021-05-03)
    A flower's beauty does not last forever; the leaves wilt, and the petals fall to the ground until next season when the cycle begins. The moment a flower blooms is the beginning moment it starts to fade away. Metempsychosis ...
  • Mile Marker : A Material Investigation in Two Lane Travels 

    James, Danielle (East Carolina University, 2014)
    This thesis contemplates American imagery, landscape, memories, identities, and travel in order to introduce the spontaneity of adventure to the viewer. My work attempts to spark a desire for being lost and focuses on the ...
  • Motivational speakers 

    Ward, Isaac (2015-04-20)
    Premiere performance of a composition for electronic media by ECU student composer Isaac Ward. Recorded at A.J. Fletcher Recital Hall on April 20th, 2015
  • Music Discovery Requirements Document 

    Newcomer, Nara L. (2012-02-24)
    The world of discovery in general and of library discovery in particular is changing rapidly today. FRBR, RDA, discovery tools, and faceted browsing are key factors related to these changes in the way our users encounter ...

    Meehan, Eric
    By writing algorithms to complete counterpoint exercises in the style of Johann Joseph Fux's Gradus ad Parnassum, a hierarchy of preferences between the given rules can be determined by testing different prioritizations ...
  • Nascent Myth 

    Krueger, September E. (East Carolina University, 2010)
    This is a written report of a creative thesis. The body of work presented in "Nascent  Myth" evolved from personal exploration regarding myth and spirituality. Birds are used as the unifying element to present several ...
  • New music camerata. [sound recording] : Chamber music 

    Williams, Nathan L.; Richardson, Mark Douglas; Munden, Sharon; Leonard, Lisa; Burroughs, Mary Alice; Wacker, Jonathan; Bell, Rafael; Rawls, Scott; Gustafson, Christine; Gilliam, Alisa; Jacobs, Edward; Gregorian, Ara; Ulffers, Christopher (East Carolina University, 1999)
    Engage the mountain (1997) / Jacobs (Nathan Williams, clarinet, bass clarinet ; Jonathan Wacker, percussion) -- Remembrance (1990) / Richardson (Nathan Williams, clarinet ; Mary Burroughs, horn ; Mark Richardson, piano) ...
  • New music camerata. [sound recording]. 

    Gustafson, Christine; Newsome, Bo; Williams, Nathan L.; Ulffers, Christopher; Bair, Jeff; Taggart, Mark Alan; Burroughs, Mary Alice; Theurer, Britton; Broussard, George; Jarvis, Jeffery W.; O'Brien, John B.; Carter, Scott; Jacobs, Edward; Lewis, Leonard Mark (East Carolina University, 2000)
    Ensemblespiel (1999) / Edward Jacobs -- Six Windy City vignettes (1994) : Confused ; Useless ; Bluster ; Fatigue ; Alacrity ; Nonchalance / Mark Alan Taggart -- Black against white sky (1999) / Leonard Mark Lewis. Christine ...
  • Nine to Five 

    Han, Junghoon (East Carolina University, 2020-06-22)
    Nine to Five is a series that is inspired by the high stress levels of office workers and perceived shortcomings of the contemporary office environment and their furnishings. The main focus of Nine to Five is to observe ...
  • No Added Sugar! 

    Narron, Mairin Gwyn (East Carolina University, 2020-06-22)
    Artists are encouraged to challenge the status quo -- to question social norms. My artwork focuses on women's rights, challenging both obvious and "hidden" forms of sexism and misogyny. Using candy as the central medium, ...
  • Object Stories Through Visual Prints 

    Bornheimer, Jennifer L. (East Carolina University, 2018-05-24)
    I have been fascinated by the shapes and textures of objects, how their properties not only capture beauty, but also tell stories of intent and use. My goal for this project was to investigate these objects, learn their ...
  • Offerings 

    Barbera, Stephanie (East Carolina University, 2012)
    Offerings is a sculptural body of work which conveys my personal experiences and emotional modes of being. The meditative and cathartic nature of the process of making these works along with their fetish and shrine-like ...
  • Organic Structure 

    Kiefer, Jeffery Alan (East Carolina University, 2011)
    This supplemental report is based on my thesis exhibition and is an investigation into the influences that drive me to create sculpture. The work stems from a fascination with nature's ability to deconstruct what mankind ...
  • Organizing Desire 

    Jacono, Adam (East Carolina University, 2010)
    This thesis investigates how American culture internalizes, processes, and acts on data received through mass media.  
  • Painting Process as Art Form 

    Peedin, Jonathan R. (East Carolina University, 2013)
    The purpose of this written report of my thesis is to discuss the research and visual element presented in partial fulfillment of the Master of Fine Arts degree. In my research and creative practice, I focus on the integration ...
  • Passively Ever After : Disney's Cinematic Abuse in Beauty and the Beast 

    Lederer, Erin Michelle (East Carolina University, 2012)
    This thesis examines the manner in which Disney's Beauty and the Beast cultivates stereotypes and gendered behaviors consistent with domestic violence and thereby encourages viewers to accept and tolerate abuse against ...
  • Paying Close Attention 

    Micheletto-Blouin, Amanda (East Carolina University, 2011)
    Paying Close Attention is a body of work created to complete the Master of Fine Art degree at East Carolina University. This document supports my creative thesis, a body of three works entitled Mobile, Deconstruction, and ...