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  • 2010 Top Ten Trends in Academic Libraries: A Review of the Current Literature 

    ACRL Research Planning & Review Committee; Lewis, Janice (East Carolina University, 2010-06)
    The ACRL Research, Planning and Review Committee, a component of the Research Coordinating Committee, is responsible for creating and updating a continuous and dynamic ...
  • The Academic Library in Institutional Assessment: Seizing an Opportunity 

    Lewis, Janice (East Carolina University, 2010)
    This paper reviews the major forces that led to a new climate of assessment in higher education, some of the instruments commonly used to assess undergraduate student learning and growth, and the programs ...
  • LibQual+ in a Distance Education Environment 

    Lewis, Janice (East Carolina University, 2007-06)
    To help us learn more about how DE students perceive and use library resources and services, we administered LibQual+ to 6007 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in one or more online courses in Spring 2007. This ...
  • LibQUAL+ Spring 2009 Survey Analysis 

    Lewis, Janice (East Carolina University, 2009-08-31)
    PowerPoint presentation analyzing the results of the Spring 2009 LibQUAL+ survey at East Carolina University and comparing results with those from the 2003 and 2007 surveys.
  • Open Access to Electronic Theses and Dissertations: What's Right for Me 

    Lewis, Janice; Patterson, Belinda (East Carolina University, 2009-10-19)
    Presentation made Monday, October 19, as part of Open Access Week 2009 at ECU, focusing on advantages and concerns associated with open access to electronic theses and dissertations and the history of ETDs at ECU.
  • Persuasive Proposals for Increasing Your Electronic Resources and Services 

    Cairns, Virginia; Lewis, Janice (East Carolina University, 2007-02-23)
    In these days of scarce funding and increased pressure for cutting edge services, librarians must learn which strategies work to "sell" their requests for additional funding, new services and electronic resources. Come ...
  • Using LibQUAL+ "Library as Place" Results to Inform Space Planning Decisions 

    Lewis, Janice (East Carolina University, 2009-07-13)
    This poster compares Joyner Library's 2009 LibQUAL+ survey results with data obtained from users through focus groups, surveys, and interviews. It discusses how the data informed the library's space planning process, as ...