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  • How do low horizontal forces produce disproportionately high torques in human locomotion? 

    Helseth, Joseph; Hortobágyi, Tibor; DeVita, Paul (East Carolina University, 2008)
    Although horizontal ground forces are only ~15% of vertical forces, they account for 47% and 33% of the metabolic cost in walking and running. To explain these disproportionately high metabolic costs we hypothesized that ...
  • Muscles do more positive than negative work in human locomotion 

    DeVita, Paul; Helseth, Joseph; Hortobágyi, Tibor (East Carolina University, 2007-10)
    Muscle work during level walking and ascent and descent ramp and stairway walking was assessed in order to explore the proposition that muscles perform more positive than negative work during these locomotion tasks. Thirty ...