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    • Attenuated viruses and method of making the same 

      Nyce, Jonathan W. (1996-04-18)
      Disclosed are attenuated viruses, not naturally occurring, that contain one or more additional methylation sites in the genome of the virus compared to the corresponding wild-type virus. Preferably, the methylation sites ...

      Mannie, Mark D. (2014-12-30)
      The present invention provides fusion proteins including an autoimmune antigen, an allergen antigen or an alloantigen, and an anti-inflammatory cytokine. Compositions and meth­ ods including the fusion proteins are also provided.
    • Cytokines and neuroantigens for treatment of immune disorders 

      Mannie, Mark D. (2017-05-10)
      The present invention provides methods of regulating an immunological disorder comprising administering to a subject an effective amount of (i) an autoimmune antigen in conjunction with (ii) an anti-inflammatory cytokine. ...
    • Hox-gene expression as a biomarker for igf-1r therapeutics 

      Bertrand, Fred Edmond; Whelan, Jarrett Thomas (2008-09-25)
      This invention provides methods for treating or preventing the onset of a tumor in a subject, wherein the tumor is determined to overexpress a Hox gene, including administering to the subject a therapeutically or ...