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  • Cadherins in maternal-foetal interactions: red queen with a green beard? 

    Summers, Kyle; Crespi, Bernard (East Carolina University, 2005-03-22)
    Cadherins are homophilic cell surface adhesion proteins, some of which mediate interactions between maternal and foetal tissues during mammalian pregnancy. David Haig suggested that these proteins may exhibit ‘green-beard ...
  • Gamma Protocadherin Expression in the Embryonic Chick Nervous System 

    Cronin, Kenneth D.; Capehart, Anthony A. (East Carolina University, 2007)
    Protocadherin gamma (pcdh-gamma) family expression was examined in the embryonic chick central nervous system by in situ hybridization. Transcripts were visualized in discrete regions of fore-, mid-, and hindbrain at stages ...