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  • Characterization of Vestibular Dysfunction in the Mouse Model for Usher Syndrome 1F 

    Alagramam, Kumar N.; Stahl, John S.; Jones, Sherri M.; Pawlowski, Karen S.; Wright, Charles G. (East Carolina University, 2005-06)
    The deaf-circling Ames waltzer (av) mouse harbors a mutation in the protocadherin 15 (Pcdh15) gene and is a model for inner ear defects associated with Usher syndrome type 1F. Earlier studies showed altered cochlear hair ...
  • Unilateral Auditory Temporal Resolution Deficit: A Case Study 

    Stuart, Andrew; Carpenter, Andrew (East Carolina University, 1999)
    An adult with a unilateral precipitous severe high-frequency hearing loss displayed a selective auditory temporal resolution deficit in the poorer ear despite excellent word recognition ability in quiet bilaterally. Word ...