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    acetylcholine hydrogen peroxide microdialysis obesity superoxide [1]
    acidosis, GPCR, GPR4, GPR65 (TDAG8), GPR68 (OGR1) [1]
    ACSL-5, fatty acid oxidation, insulin signaling, mitochondria, ROS, skeletal muscle [1]
    acute myeloid leukemia cell; Cyphostemma juttae; essential oil; Kalanchoe beharensis; multidrug resistance; NF-κB [1]
    adaptation in invasion, biological introductions, host–parasite evolution, Loxothylacus panopaei, mud crabs, parasite biogeography, Rhithropanopeus harrisii, rhizocephalans [1]
    adaptation strategies; Chile; closed-access; Concholepas concholepas; endobionts; experience; fisheries; fisher success; Genypterus chilensis; human environment; landscape change; land-sea interface; traditional ecological knowledge (TEK); tree plantations [1]
    adaptation, estuarine, evolutionary history, host–parasite interactions, introduction, nonnative, reproduction, sea [1]
    adaptive evolution, natural selection, extreme environment, Qinghai–Tibet Plateau, S-locus [1]
    aerobic exercise; blood glucose; functional overload; GLUT; hexokinase; insulin resistance; resistance exercise; SGLT; type 2 diabetes; weightlifting [1]
    Affected experiencers, Affected datives, Non-lexical datives, Adversity passives, Event semantics, Implicatures, Clitics [1]
    African Americans, blood pressure, clinical outcomes, clinical trials, Hispanics, hypertension, race and ethnicity [1]
    African Americans, breast health, screening, cultural competence, patient–provider communication [1]
    Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans, periodontal disease, immune system, fibroblast, keratinocyte, monolaurin [1]
    aggression, anuran, call timing, chorus, energetics, mate choice, parental care, social behaviour [1]
    Akt, ERK, mTOR, Senescence, Drug Resistance, Tamoxifen [1]
    Akt, mTOR, Targeted Therapy, Drug Resistance [1]
    alcohol preferring rat; tolcapone; oscillation; prefrontal cortex; nucleus accumbens; alcoholism; alcohol use disorder [1]
    alcohol, depression, discrepant relationships, infidelity, interdependence [1]
    alpine wetland; extended Fourier approach; ill-posed inversion problem; leaf area index; uncertainty [1]
    anaerobes, anaerobic bacteria, Bacteroides, chelatase, dechelatase, demetallase, heme, iron [1]